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Dan Nash & The Human Trafficking Training Center Instructors

The problem with most anti-human trafficking training provided to law enforcement is that it merely teaches what trafficking is and how to identify it. Such trainings are really, in effect, nothing more than awareness events. In order to be effective, law enforcement needs to learn actual skills so they are equipped to conduct investigations that ensure arrests and prosecutions, know how to properly interview a possible victim or offender, know how to set up various proactive operations, or even how to write up the proper reports.

To use an analogy, we cannot expect law enforcement officers to arrest drunk drivers if all we do is tell them what a drunk driver looks like. We also need to teach them how to administer a standard field sobriety test, and other basic related police skills. The same is true for human trafficking. Across the country, a small fraction of law enforcement officers receives any training whatsoever on human trafficking and most of that training doesn’t provide practical skills that officers can use in the field.

The Human Trafficking Training Center was established to solve all those problems and to address the resulting shortcomings in law enforcement’s response to human trafficking across the country (and certainly the world).

HTTC’s programs benefit from Dan’s 27 years in law enforcement and his years of experience investigating human trafficking cases, Alison’s 10 plus years in victim advocacy, client-centered research and multi-disciplinary team building, and the invaluable contributions of our team of survivor leaders. Together, we provide the most comprehensive anti-human trafficking programs available so that your organization gets measurable results and improved performance.

Dan Nash is the co-founder of the Human Trafficking Training Center and a retired Missouri State Trooper.  Dan retired after 27 years, 24 of which was spent as an investigator in the Narcotics/Vice Unit, Criminal Investigation Unit and Human Trafficking Unit.  Dan was responsible for creating the Human Trafficking Unit and was the enforcement supervisor of the Missouri Attorney General’s Office Statewide Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force.  Dan has instructed thousands of officers in anti-human trafficking training in numerous states and internationally.   Dan created the Special Victims Methodology for investigating human trafficking cases which is being used by many law enforcement agencies around the country.  Dan also created the “Four Corner Strategy” for investigating Illicit Massage Businesses which has changed the way law enforcement approaches these cases.  Dan has spoken at many conferences on human trafficking and has approximately 15 years’ experience investigating human trafficking. In his spare time, Dan lives on a farm in the Ozark Mountains with his three dogs and 24 chickens and is an avid hunter and backpacker.