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Stacy McElroy

Stacy McElroy has been a police officer for 20 years and is currently a patrol officer with the Gulf Shores Police Department in Alabama. He is assigned to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Operations Unit. He began to focus his career on both inner city criminal enforcement as well as interstate criminal interdiction upon being hired with the Collinsville Police Department in 2004. He served there as a patrol officer, K9 handler and a Task Force Officer with the Drug Enforcement Administration.  During his 20 years of service Officer McElroy has been named Patrolman of the Month numerous times and Patrolman of the Year on two occasions. He also earned the Top Gun Award for the most self-initiated felony arrests in a single year under the department’s Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (ACE) program on two occasions.

During his career, he has made several significant seizures and other criminal arrests. Officer McElroy has seized and been involved in investigations resulting in the seizure of thousands of pounds of narcotics and over one million dollars in US Currency. He has also apprehended several fugitives from justice including an escaped convict and a subject wanted for Aggravated Murder. Officer McElroy has located several secret compartments on vehicles during consent and probable cause searches. He has been summoned by other agencies to assist in the search of vehicles due to his knowledge of hidden compartments. Since 2005, he has trained thousands of officers in Criminal Patrol Drug Enforcement throughout the country and for Mobile Training Units in Illinois.

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