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Crime Scene Investigator I

Nov. 18 - 22, 2024
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tuition:  Free
ILEAS Training Center
1701 East Main St.
Urbana, IL 61802
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This course is certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.

Training Mandates

This course meets state guidelines for the following mandated subject areas:

  • Civil Rights (1.0hr)
  • Constitutional Use of Law Enforcement Authority (1.0hr & 1.0hr scenario-based credit)
  • Legal Updates (0.5hrs)
  • Officer Wellness/Mental Health (1.0hr)
  • Procedural Justice (6.0hrs)
  • Use of Force: Law Concerning Stops, Searches, and the Use of Force (1.0hr & 1.0hr scenario-based credit)
  • Lead Homicide Investigator (40.0hrs & 1.0hr scenario-based credit)


The purpose of this course is to educate Officers, Homicide Investigators, Detectives, Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs), members of Major Crime Task Forces and Evidence Technicians in the art and science of crime scene investigation as it relates to collection, identification, and preservation of evidence to be submitted to a forensic science laboratory for analysis.  The course will introduce them to various evidence collection, identification, and preservation techniques.


  • Crime scene management and the 7 step crime scene process
  • Crime scene photography
  • Crime scene sketching, diagramming, and animation
  • Forensic Laboratory Sections/Disciples
  • Evidence recognition, handling, packaging, and submission
  • Firearm/ballistic evidence, IBIS and NIBIN technology
  • Trace and toolmark evidence
  • Footwear/tire track castings
  • Latent fingerprints and AFIS technology
  • Biological evidence/DNA and CODIS technology.
  • Search warrants and consent to search
  • Advances in evidence technology
  • Report writing
  • Scenario Based Training and Tabletop Exercises.
  • 5 Practical Scene Assessments – Vehicle Scene, Burglary Scene, Shooting/Ballistics Scene, Photography Practical and Crime Scene with a victim body.


Heather Hansen, Co-Founder & Instructor
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Chris Collins, Co-Founder & Instructor
Blue Line Training & DevelopmentRead more


Please register for this course by November 4.