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Course Name Date Location Deadline
Cash Bail Elimination Sep. 22 Urbana Sep. 15
Cash Bail Elimination Sep. 22 Urbana Sep. 15
International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) Course Oct. 2-5 Urbana FULL
Psychology of Domestic Violence Oct. 11 Champaign Oct. 2
A.L.I.C.E. Instructor Training Oct. 18-19 Urbana FULL
Defensive Tactics Refresher Oct. 23 Urbana FULL
High Risk Vehicle Stops Instructor Oct. 23-24 Urbana FULL
Non-Escalation & De-Escalation Scenario Training Oct. 30 Urbana Oct. 23
Field Training Today’s Hire Nov. 1-2 Champaign FULL
360 Degree Leadership Nov. 3 Champaign Oct. 20
Field Training Officer Nov. 13-16 Champaign Oct. 30
DUI Detection & Field Sobriety Testing Nov. 15-17 Champaign FULL
Crime Scene – Do Not Cross Nov. 21 Urbana FULL
Red Dot Instructor Nov. 29-30 FULL
Field Training Officer Dec. 4-8 Urbana FULL
Defensive Tactics Refresher Dec. 11 Urbana Nov. 27
Crime Scene Photography Dec. 12-13 Urbana Nov. 28
Crime Scene Investigator Dec. 18-22 Urbana Dec. 4
Academy for Social Work & Public Safety Cooperation Jan. 8-12 Urbana (none)
Medical Fundamentals for Patrol Jan. 11 Urbana FULL
Breach Point Jan. 19 Urbana Jan. 5
AR15 Armorer’s Course – COURSE FULL Jan. 24-25 FULL
SFST Refresher Feb. 6 Champaign FULL
Illinois Vehicle Code Feb. 8-9 Champaign FULL
Traffic Incident Management Feb. 8 Urbana (none)
School Resource Officer Feb. 12-16 Urbana Jan. 29
I & I Pro Feb. 20-22 Champaign FULL
Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Response Feb. 27 Champaign FULL
Sexual Assault Investigator Feb. 28 Champaign FULL
Breath Alcohol Testing Feb. 29 Champaign FULL
Legal Tips for Police Officers Mar. 4 Urbana FULL
Policing in a Digital World Mar. 18-19 Champaign FULL
Non-Escalation & De-Escalation Scenario Training Mar. 25 Urbana Mar. 11
First-Line Supervision Apr. 1-3 Champaign FULL
Balancing the Act of Life Apr. 4 Champaign Mar. 22
Legal & Justifiable Use of Force Apr. 8 Champaign Mar. 25
Proactive Patrol Tactics Apr. 18-19 Urbana FULL
Lead Homicide Investigator Apr. 22-26 Champaign FULL
Rescuing the Rescuers Apr. 29 Urbana LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE
Breach Point May 3 Urbana FULL
The Best Backup May 4 Urbana Apr. 19
Officer Wellness, Ethics & Resiliency May 6 Urbana CANCELLED
Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Basic May 6-10 Urbana FULL
Legal & Justifiable Use of Force May 13 Danville Apr. 29
Evidence Based Interview & Interrogation May 13-15 Normal Apr. 29
Sexual Assault Responder & Investigator Instructor Training May 13-15 Springfield (none)
Law Enforcement Chaplain Training Program May 20-23 Champaign May 6
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) in Law Enforcement Jun. 3-6 Mahomet FULL
Anger Management for Cops Jun. 11 Champaign Cancelled
Violent Adolescents Jun. 12 Champaign May 29
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